Under This Unbroken Sky
Under This Unbroken Sky

“…Mitchell’s prose strikes like a prairie thunder storm, every page building to an intensity that’s simply awing to behold.”
Joseph Boyden, Giller Prize Winner, Through Black Spruce.

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Book Launch:Halifax, Nova Scotia

Under This Unbroken Sky was launched to friends and family at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sept. 03. There couldn’t have been a more fitting venue, surrounded by stories, photographs and displays of the thousands of immigrants who entered Canada through this gateway.When I was researching the novel, I came to the Pier to search records and found the ship’s log documenting my family’s arrival. It is haunting to see their names; how little they arrived with; the unknown they were facing; and the hope that must have brought them here. Eighty years later, I come with a book. A testament to those who tried.

And I see us standing amidst the past and am grateful for all those who sacrificed to give us such freedom and possibility.There is an immigration poster from the 1920’s that proclaims that in Canada, A man can reasonably hope to work his way to independence. What a powerful and poignant promise that must have been. 
Special thanks to Pier 21, Mike and The BookMark for making this such a special night.

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