Under This Unbroken Sky
Under This Unbroken Sky

“…Mitchell’s prose strikes like a prairie thunder storm, every page building to an intensity that’s simply awing to behold.”
Joseph Boyden, Giller Prize Winner, Through Black Spruce.

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I am a week away from shooting an indie feature film The Disappeared. It couldn’t be more challenging–3 weeks at sea, 6 men, and 2 dories. The last prep week is an extraordinary convergence of the creative. I have been working for months with my exceptional, passionate and oh-so brilliant Director of Photography Christopher Porter designing the shotlist and brainstorming the technical and logistical feats of this film.  We are very fortunate to have Capt Bill Flowers as our marine co-ordinator (Sea Wolf, Moby Dick)  and the vision of award- winning art director Alan MacLeod (who has been with me for every film and my husband by day).  It is daunting and overwhelming, but oh so rewarding as the key creatives join us and I feel their passion and hope as we prepare to embark on this mad adventure.   Christopher and I have devised a style that we refer to as an “Eastern” and have referenced films lie Once Upon A Time in the West for inspiration. A spaghetti western at sea. I suppose it is the perfect pairing of my prairie and east coast selves. Casting has just locked and our location is in Lunenburg Harbour.  Wish us well. We wish only for a safe return and to capture something beautiful.

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