Under This Unbroken Sky
Under This Unbroken Sky

“…Mitchell’s prose strikes like a prairie thunder storm, every page building to an intensity that’s simply awing to behold.”
Joseph Boyden, Giller Prize Winner, Through Black Spruce.

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Wins Regional Commonwealth Prize!

Delhi was an amazing experience. Too soon for me to be able to record my impressions, other than it is not a city, it is a living being. The population of the city is nearly the entire population of Canada. The extremes are immense. The cultural, societal, intellectual, economic, religious, historical differences create a fused chaos.  It is a city undergoing immense change as it prepares for the Commonwealth Games. The Delhi that will be presented to the world will have a different face than the city I saw.  Delhi was described to me as city that has been built and broken seven times. It’s ongoing destruction and creation is evident everywhere. Keep an eye out for Rana Dasgupta, winner of the overall Commonwealth prize for his novel Solo, he is publishing a book of essays documenting his city. They will be extraordinary. My heart has been filled by the graciousness and openness of the people. I struggle to understand all that I have seen and my place as a global citizen. There is so little I know of my world. Thankful to have had this glimpse into other lives and stories.

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