Under This Unbroken Sky
Under This Unbroken Sky

“…Mitchell’s prose strikes like a prairie thunder storm, every page building to an intensity that’s simply awing to behold.”
Joseph Boyden, Giller Prize Winner, Through Black Spruce.

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Vancouver International Film Festival Oct 10/11

Oh Vancouver. It was such a joy to bring the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. This is a world class festival. 136 films in 10 days and despite screening near the end of the festival we still had such an enthusiastic, considered audience of 200+. I met one gentleman, who belonged to a film club, and he had seen 97 films!  And he still saw ours with fresh eyes and heart. Thank you all for your support and kind words. Ten Canadian films were shortlisted for Best Feature consideration. 4 (including ours) were from Nova Scotia! Not bad for our little part of the world.

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