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Summer, raspberries, and a young girl's ache of loss.  

Baba's House (2002)

16mm. 24 min. Dramatic 1/2 hour

1977, Elvis is dead and nine year old Christina, grieving the loss of her mother, must spend the summer with her Ukrainian grandmother. Her only consolation is her new best friend, Ruby, who teaches her about the magic in raspberries and how to communicate with the dead.


Joan Orenstein • Leah Fassett  •Katrina Nevin


Painted Egg Productions 

Producers Barbara Badessi,  Shandi Mitchell

AWARDS:  Best Canadian Short, Best Art Direction, Atlantic Film Festival • Best Drama, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton, Canada • KODAK Cinematography Award, Gold Jury Prize, Houston International Film Festival • WIFT KODAK AWARD, Toronto, Canada • WIFT-CBC Script Award, Toronto, Canada • Gemini Nominations Best Short, Best Cinematography  

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