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A father and daughter and questions unanswered.

Tell Me (2006)

Experimental short

3 min. 30 secs

35mm Colour


John Mitchell

"Tell Me is beautiful and provocative while remaining simple and matter-of-fact. It is as close to perfect as a work of art can be."


Thom Fitzgerald,

Director The Hanging Garden, Cloud Burst, Three Needles, Sex & Violence. 

Shot over one day. The narration came as a poem that arrived in one sitting intact. Dad agreed to take on the role. At the end of the shoot approaching midnight (which is when I recorded the voiceover), and after the camera was gone, I asked again if he wanted to answer any of the questions. I prodded him for an easy one, "Your favourite time of day?" He replied "Now." Which surprised me, being so late, and I asked him why? His answer, "Because now I can go to bed." And that was a wrap.

SCREENINGS • Toronto International Film Festival • KODAK Eastman Theatre, NY • Vancouver International Film Festival•The Female Eye Festival•Cineworld Saratosa Film Festival•NFB-Film in the Community Tour•NSI Film Exchange•Atlantic Film Festival• Dawson City Film Festival•Edmonton International Film Festival•Winnipeg International Film Festival•Calgary International Film Festival• Hamilton International Film Fest• St.John's International Film Fest​

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