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"As beautiful, turbulent, and unflinching as the sea.." The Mind Reels

"The men are occasionally frail, occasionally ugly, and always human. 5 stars." Todd James, Global Television

"It's beautiful and brutal...and will stick with you long after it's over. The Scope

"The movie most deserving of your hard earned loonies...a darkly powerful feature. The Toronto Sun

Shawn Doyle, Billy Campbell, and Brian Downey anchor this tale and make us ache for emotional powerhouse of a film. 4.5 out of 5 Stars" D.Voight Criticize This

"We applaud the sheer audacity of this film in all its shades of light and fog, and encourage every self-respecting Newfoundler to bear witness to its power." Noreen Golfam, St. John's International Film Festival

16mm, 86 minutes. Dramatic Feature, 2012

A Second Wave & Hundred Hill Production

Shot on Location off the Coast of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


• Billy Campbell • Shawn Doyle

• Brian Downey • Ryan Doucette

• Gary Levert • Neil Matheson

This was a gruelling, impossible, exhilarating, and soul-filling shoot. Shot over 15 days with a remarkable crew and cast who knew going in that we would be at the fate of the elements. All brought their hearts to the project, wanting to pay homage and honour the stories and lives of those who went to sea. The North Atlantic Ocean was as much a character as the men in the boats. 


• Coeur de Mise En Scene, Dieppe Intl. Film Festival

• Best Debut Feature, Female Eye Festival, Toronto, Canada 

• ACTRA Outstanding Performance Shawn Doyle

• William F. White- Reel Indie Spirit Award, Canadian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

• Canadian Screen Awards Nominations Sound Design and Overall Sound 

Available for Download on Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes

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